Pembroke Minors: making history

Cricket Ireland Club of the Year 2019

Pembroke Minors: making history

Pembroke Minors 2019-2020

The Minor Boys Team of 2019 and 2020 are the most successful underage team in Pembroke’s long and illustrious history.

Although it is nominally called a Minor Boys Team it was strengthened by an injection of Girl Power – this is all part of Pembroke’s inclusion policy where all underage kids get the chance to play.

The team went through the 2019 season losing only one league game away to Merrion. The team won the Leinster League, the Minor League Cup and most significantly of all, the All Ireland Cup where a strong Instonians team was defeated at Sydney Parade.

The report below appeared in the Pembroke Newsletter of August 2019 and occurred the day after our Senior Men’s Team had won their League in Merrion to complete their own League and All Ireland Cup double.

While the Men’s Firsts were celebrating an historic double our Minor Boys team (with added Girl Power) became the most successful in the Club by adding the All Ireland Cup to their haul of Leinster League and Cup wins.

Batting first against Instonians, we got to 103 thanks to 38 not out from Rian O’Neill and 23 from Dan Murray with a quick 15 from Raif Duncan.

In reply, Instonians were never allowed to get going as some really tight bowling – Rian, Raif, Ethan Clarke and Luke Murray with 2 wickets each and 1 for Bruce Whaley – and excellent fielding with catches for Liam Zarpellon Browne and Bruce and a top stumping for Dan and great ground fielding from Zoe Bell and Georgia Beatty saw us win by 20 runs.

This is the first time that Pembroke has won the Under 11 All Ireland Cup so hats off to these boys and girls for making Club history!

In 2020, although the season was cut short due to the pandemic, the team won every game it played in a convincing manner and the round-up of games played is:

  • 28 July – Railway (away, League game) Pembroke won by six wickets with Luke Daly hitting a four to win off the second last ball of the game.
  • 1 August – Leinster (home, League game) Pembroke won by 56 runs.
  • 8 August – Rush (Away, Cup game) Pembroke won by 41 runs (Rian O’Neill scoring 29 not out), bowling Rush out in 17 overs (Luke Murray with 3 wickets from 3 overs for only 10 runs).
  • 16 August – YMCA (Away, League game) Pembroke won by 73 runs (Bruce Whaley and Rian O’Neill both retiring on 30 not out, with Bruce taking 2 wickets in 2 overs for only 1 run and Donnacha Cosgrave with 3 wickets in 2 overs).
  • 22 August – Clontarf (Away, Cup Final) Pembroke won by 55 runs (Ethan Clarke retired on 35 runs after hitting a six, Dan Murray 33 runs retired and Bruce Whaley 30 runs retired) and bowled Clontarf out in 17 overs (Conor Crowley with 2 wickets from 2 overs for only 7 runs).
  • 24 August – Merrion (Away, League game) Pembroke won by 8 wickets with 7 overs remaining (Ethan Clarke with 1 wicket from 1 over for only 1 run and Bruce Whaley hitting 33 runs retired).
  • 30 August – Terenure (Away, League Semi-Final) Pembroke won by 5 wickets with 4 overs remaining (Raif Duncan with 2 wickets from 2 overs for only 1 run, Ethan Clarke with 1 wicket from 2 overs for only 1 run, Conor Crowley with 1 wicket from 2 overs for only 3 runs, Ethan Clarke also hit 30 runs retired).
  • 5 September – Balbriggan (Home, League Final) Pembroke won by 102 runs bowling Balbriggan out in the 15th over (Ethan Clarke 30 runs retired, Dan Murray 32 runs retired and Rian O’Neill 20 not out. David O’Riordan with 2 wickets from 1 over without conceding a run, Conor Crowley with 2 wickets from 2 overs for only 3 runs, Luke Murray with -2 wickets from 2 overs for only 9 runs and Liam Browne Zarpellon with 1 wicket from 2 overs for only 2 runs).


  • Ethan Clarke (Captain) Opening, technically correct right-hander. Right-arm orthodox leg spin.  Wicket-keeper/Covers/Mid-off
  • Georgia Beatty Middle-order technical right hander. Right-arm medium. Midwicket/Mid-on
  • Zoe Bell Middle-order, fast scoring right hander. Right-arm medium-fast. Cover/Boundary
  • Liam Browne-Zarpellon Middle-order right hander. Right-arm medium. Mid-on
  • Eli Clarke Opener/Middle-order right hander Right-arm Medium. Midwicket/Third Man
  • Conor Crowley Middle-order technical right hander. Right-arm orthodox leg spin (lots of revs) Mid-off/Midwicket
  • Luke Daly Opener/Middle-order right hander. Right-arm medium. Cover Point/Extra Cover
  • Peter Downey Big hitting middle-order right hander. Right-arm medium-fast Mid-On/Third Man
  • Raif Duncan Aggressive middle-order right hander. Right-arm orthodox leg spin Slip/Midwicket
  • Dan Murray Opening right hander Right-arm fast. Wicket-keeper/deep midwicket boundary rider
  • Luke Murray Big hitting middle-order right hander Right-arm fast, Lightning quick! Square Leg/Fine Leg
  • Gareth O’Neill Middle-order big hitting right hander Right-arm medium-fast. Square Leg/Fine Leg
  • Rian O’Neill Accumulating top-order right hander Right-arm unorthodox leg-spin. Mid-On/Square Leg
  • David O’Riordan Middle-order right hander Right-arm medium. Point/Gully
  • Bruce Whaley Aggressive top-order right hander. Right-arm medium-fast. Point/Covers
  • Ben Wilson-Moore Top order right hander. Right-arm medium-fast, Midwicket/Square leg

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