Guidelines for Training – 2020

Cricket Ireland Club of the Year 2019

Access to the ground for training

Due to Covid-19 our Training Schedule has to be adjusted, please see the information below with regards to our current requirements.

The following protocols will be in place for the current phase of the Covid-19 restrictions (15th – 28th June).
Note: Protocols will be updated once details are announced for the next phase.

Session Information

Training times will be hourly blocks from 12:00 to 20:00 Monday to Friday & 10:00 to 17:00 Saturday/Sunday
(Please try and avoid ‘peak times’ if possible)
• Training slots will be for 45 minutes on the hour – this allows 15 minutes after sessions to allow for any clean-up and to avoid players congregating on the ground
• Training restricted to two people on the ground ie. player: player or coach: player (unless from the same household where up to 6 can be present)
• Players to bring their own equipment, including cricket balls. If you have no balls please contact your captain/coach
• The bowling machine is not available
• The carpark will remain closed – access is only available through the pedestrian gate on Park Avenue. The Wilfield Road gate will remain closed
• The Clubhouse will be closed and alarmed, therefore there is no access to the toilets or any other facilities
• Hygiene stations will be available, but players are encouraged to bring their own hand santiziers
• Players should bring their own water
• Players to wipe down any surfaces touched following their session
• Players should not hang around once their training session is finished, players must leave on time – pack up, clean and go home
• Players should only come to training with members of their own household – no car pooling
• Only the player(s)/coach involved in a training session are allowed on the ground
• No non-members allowed on the ground at any time, ask non-members to leave if they are on the ground

Booking Information

• Players must complete and sign a self-assessment form before the first training session ( and must confirm that no information has changed on this form when making each booking
• Training to be booked through the Reservio App ( – only paid up Members will be allowed train
(Booking will be cancelled for Member who has not paid)
• Both players details must be entered on the booking system otherwise the booking will be rejected.
• A guide on making a booking has been created on this page:
• There will be two time slots making bookings for each week: (A – Saturday 15:00 to Sunday 12:00 noon & B – Sunday 15:00 – 21:00)
• Slot A – is designated for one session per person for cricket activities (nets & fielding) only
• Slot B – is designated for a second session per person for any activity (nets, fielding, running, walking etc)
• Pembroke will keep a record of all attendees for a four week period following each training session – records will be destroyed after this date

Coaching & Youth Information

Clare Shillington is available for coaching youth players (16 and under) from 09:00-12:00 noon Tuesday to Friday
• Please contact Clare (087-6676651) to organise these sessions
• Parents may stay during these coaching sessions but must not interact with the coach and keep their distance
• Adult members (over 17s) can organise a coaching session privately with Clare Shillington during normal training hours
• Group sessions for children 11 and under may return in the next phase, however they can still book 1:1 sessions with their parent or Clare

For any queries on access to training contact our Covid-19 Officer: Dale McDonough – 086-7350214